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The Appearance of a Pomeranian

It is widely known that Pomeranians are extremely cute looking dogs.  They are classed as toy dogs due to their small size.  Their eyes are shaped like almonds, they have a short nose and small ears.

Pomeranians have two parts to their coat – the outer is harsher to touch, whereas the first coat is nice and soft.  This coat can come in a number of colors such as oranges, reds, whites, blues, browns, creams, blacks and also mixtures of these colors.

Pomeranian Personality

When sourcing information about the Pomeranian breed, you will quickly learn that there are many parts to their personality.  This is what makes them a great breed of dog.   Read on to learn more about each aspect of a Pomeranians personality:

  • Intelligence – Pomeranians are extremely smart little dogs, which makes training a lot easier.
  • Loyalty – Pomeranians are incredibly loyal dogs and become extremely attached to their owner.  If you bring a Pomeranian into your family you may notice they tend to favor one person over everybody else.  If they do choose a ‘favorite’ then it’s best this person becomes the main trainer, as your Pomeranian will be more likely to listen to this person.
  • Playful – Pomeranian love to play.  Therefore if you own a Pomeranian, you should really make time daily to play with them.  You can go for walks or play games in the backyard.  If you don’t have time to play daily with your Pomeranian, then make sure they have plenty toys to play with on their own.
  • Energetic – Although small, Pomeranians have lots of energy and need to be exercised daily.  This can be achieved by playing outside, going for walks or to the dog park.
  • Protective – Pomeranians are protective and will often bark or growl if they feel you need protecting.  This is fine, as it’s their natural instinct.  However, sometimes the barking and growling can get out of control.  If this happens then your Pomeranian may need further training – you could consider getting a professional trainer in to help.

Pomeranian Health

Some further information about the Pomeranian breed you should learn is their health problems.  Like all breeds of dogs, Pomeranians have certain health problems you should be aware of.  These include dislocated knee-caps, problems with the heart, eye problems, skin problems and hair loss.  If you do feel your Pomeranian could have any of these then it’s important to book an appointment with your local vet right away.

Size of Pomeranians

As previously mentioned, Pomeranians are classed as toy dogs due to their size.  They will usually weigh between three and seven pounds (one and three kilograms) and reach a height of between seven and twelve inches (eighteen and thirty centimeters).  Because of their small size, Pomeranians are able to live in apartments or small homes that don’t have a backyard.  However, if you don’t have a yard then it’s extra important that you take your Pomeranian on lots of walks.

Life Expectation of a Pomeranian

A question that a lot of people will ask when seeking information about the Pomeranian breed is “how long do they live”?  A Pomeranian will usually live approximately fifteen years.

There you have it, some great information about the Pomeranian breed.  They are cute, small, intelligent dogs and make great companions!