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When to take your Sick Pomeranian Dog to the Vet

To many animal lovers, a beloved Pomeranian dog is just like a member of the family. Unfortunately, unlike other members of the family, when Pomeranian dogs get sick they can’t speak to explain to us how they’re feeling. Instead, it’s up to the responsible Pomeranian dog owner to pay attention to their Pomeranian dog’s health, and know how to recognize sick sick pomeranian dogPomeranian dog symptoms of illness.

Sick Pomeranian Dog Symptoms

Another symptom of a sick Pomeranian dog is that often indicates sickness in a Pomeranian dog is a change in the Pomeranian dog’s behavior or personality. Sometimes sick Pomeranian dogs will seem to lose interest in their favorite activities, preferring to lie around or sleep instead. A sick Pomeranian dog might seem excited to go out for a walk, but then tire out more quickly than usual.

Pomeranian dogs may act more aggressive, shy, or irritable then normal when experiencing discomfort. Pacing and unusual restlessness can also mean that the Pomeranian dog is in pain. If changes in personality or behavior seem to persist for more than a day or two, or are paired with any physical symptoms, it’s probably time to call the vet as this is a clear sick Pomeranian dog symptom.

SOS Sick Pomeranian Dog Symptoms

Another early sign that there is something wrong is any vomiting, diarrhea, or strange color in their urine. If your pet is experiencing a change in their stools and haven’t changed their diet recently then they could have ate something which made them ill, which is usually normal. Bloody, cloudy, or diluted urine is also a sign of a bladder or kidney infection and a very dangerous sick Pomeranian dog symptom. If the condition lasts several days, it is important to have a vet check them out.

A Pomeranian dog’s nose should be cold and wet, not warm, dry, or runny. If they are experiencing any changes in the color of their gums, drooling, or breath it could also be a symptom of a sick Pomeranian dog. Any sudden changes in the nose or mouth should be reported to your veterinarian to be assessed by a professional.

Getting medical attention right away when you see one or more of these sick Pomeranian dog symptoms is the best thing to do for your Pomeranian dog. Waiting for treatment can cause your Pomeranian dogs condition to increase in seriousness and in some cases, end up being fatal. Keeping up with vet checkups and staying observant of your Pomeranian dog will keep them happy and healthy for a long time.

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