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What feeding time is best for your Pomeranian Dog

Did you know that most dogs of adult age only require one feeding time per day? So as you can guess, many Pomeranian dogs that people own are being overfed. If your Pom dog is an adult then it is best to feed it only one feeding time is best for your Pomeranian dogtime and preferably at night, along with your own dinner feeding schedule.

Your dog may not be able to withstand the entire night without having to be walked to go to the bathroom after eating a big meal so if this is the case then try to let your dog have its evening meal a little earlier than normal. This will give the Pomeranian dog a chance to use the bathroom before it sleeps and keeps you from having to wake up in the middle of the night for that walk. Obviously, if the dog has an outlet to go potty by itself (like a patio or a backyard) then this will not be an issue.

Cases when your Pomeranian dog needs to eat more

Puppies on the other hand may need to eat more often, but not more in quantity, so it is advisable to break up that evening meal into two or even three smaller meals. Please consult your vet for your dog’s diet if it is a puppy or if it is pregnant because they will have different nutritional needs.

The bowls in which you put your dog food in when feeding them should be washed and cleaned before each meal. Do not reuse a dog dish if it still has food or remains of a previous meal. The food dishes should also be placed on a clean and sanitary kitchen floor. Think of your pet as you would a friend and treat them and their conditions well.

Do not feed your dog any type of food or snacks in between meals. Trust me, I know how tough it is sometimes to want to give your dog something to eat when you are eating then those cute puppy eyes are staring out you just begging for a taste. But in reality all you are doing is harming the dog’s feeding habits and at the same time forming another bad habit in the dogs mind. He will now expect you to feed him anytime there is food present. If you do not want a fat dog who is constantly and annoyingly begging you and your guests for food then it is vital to heed this advice.

Give small treats to your Pomeranian dog while training

But what about feeding your dog a treat while training them – isn’t that the same as a snack? Yes and no. Feeding your dog small treats while training is a fantastic way to teach them new things and while giving them something to enjoy while learning. There is nothing wrong with that so long as you keep the snacks in moderation and only feed the dog a taste (small amount) when they are in training. Anything small that can be eaten in one bite is recommended. One half of a dog biscuit is ideal for example.

If you absolutely must feed your dog something to nibble on during the day then look into purchasing dog bones. A meat bone offers hours and hours of enjoyable snacking to a dog and does not fill them up like other food snacks would. But be careful not to give your dog cooked bones. They can cause splinters in the dogs mouth as well as
internally throughout the digestive system.